Rhetus Periander Information

Rhetus periander eleusinus. C rhetus periander eleusinus, butterflies of america rhetus periander eleusinus. Erycina dysonii saunders. There are 3 rhetus species, of which periander is the commonest and most widespread. The others are dysonii, in which the pink markings on the hindwings are of a different configuration, and arcius which has much longer hindwing tails and in which the blue iridescence on the forewings is reduced. Rhetus periander is usually found singly or in very low numbers, in the vicinity of streams or rivers. It can be also be found along tracks through primary or disturbed rainforest or cloudforest habitats. The butterfly occurs at elevations between 0. M, and flies throughout the year.
Classification kingdom animalia phylum arthropoda. Offer you the best shipment rates, 50 minimum order, risk free, free shipping for order over. , buyer protection period. Small the periander metalmark. Butterfly native to central america and south america, ranging from mexico to brazil and argentina.
Butterflies of the world,. Species illustrated. Anatomy, biology, lifecycle, taxonomy, ecology, evolution, survival strategies, migration, habitats. Rhetus is a neotropical metalmark butterfly genus. Fast flying, strikingly iridescent, and have long wing tails. They are found in open areas, including tracks of primary. Scanning electron microscope images 5. Hearing organs, flight, thermoregulation.